Welcome to Module One

It’s all about you!

Have you ever built a piece of furniture without consulting the instructions? 

You may have been successful in the end, but how many mistakes did you make along the way? How much longer did it take you to finish? It's important to prep and get the right information.

This is your prep work. Do it up right! :) 

The Encore: CEO program is a way of seeing your business, your customers, and your industry through a fresh perspective.

This course is created for YOU and I am looking forward to bringing you premium content developed from over 30 years as an entrepreneur, serving hundreds of businesses just like yours. 

As you go through this course, invest time and dive deep into each lesson so that you truly maximize the benefits.  

As a small business owner, everything begins with you. The decisions we make, the staffing we choose, the contractors we hire, the changes we make - all come from you, the business owner. So it kinda makes sense to start right with you, right?

Your Foundation

Building a foundation takes time. This module helps to build a new foundation or patch the foundation of your existing business.

Exercise One: Download Building Your Foundation under your Resource Library on the right. Work through the exercises. If you have any questions or would like to share any ideas with the group, head over to the Facebook Page.

Exercise Two: Download Module One Workbook under your Resource Library on the right. Read through answer the questions in your workbook. You can refer to the sample from one of our students, also under the Resource Library.

“If you compromise your core values, you go nowhere.”
— Roy T. Bennett

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