Welcome to Module Six

Your Marketing Plan

How do you attract your ideal clients? What channels do you use? What works and what doesn’t? How much money do you spend? Sound familiar?

Marketing is likely the number one struggle for entrepreneurs, and don’t feel that you are alone, large companies struggle with marketing as well.

The beauty is, when you know your ideal client well, fully understand their problem and how you product or service solves their problem, you are almost at the finish line.

The problem most businesses make with their marketing is they reverse the order in which to approach their marketing, They attempt to identify the channels (Facebook, Instagram, print ads, Google ad words, vehicle wraps, brochures, networking events, etc) they think they should be using, without any strategy to support what they are doing.

This approach results in: Frustration, Wasted resources, Overwhelm.

Your first five modules was the prep work to your marketing plan. We broke it into two lessons to provide a simple five step approach to your marketing in Lesson 1 and cover the topic of branding in Lesson 2 .

We lead with the five lessons because the social media is always front and centre on the “what do I do?’ list. The five steps is a proven formula the online marketers use to win new clients online. If you have never signed up for a free download (lead magnet) or free Webinar (lead magnet) you will recognize the five steps in the formula.

Lead magnets: Giving something of VALUE to encourage your audience to give you their email.

Email marketing works. When someone gives you permission to reach out to them by email, they are trusting you will not SPAM them, and you live up to your promise of delivering value. VALUE is the key.

Go through Lesson 1 and 2. Tell us your greatest challenges with your marketing. We will address those challenges and give you workarounds, ideas, avenues and exercises for another perspective and approach to your marketing strategy.