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What did you think of your first exercise on core values?

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It may be early in the game, however, this exercise will sometimes clarify or provide pause to consider a rewrite on an outdated statement or one that doesn't really resonate with you. If you didn't write one, you will likely want to come back to this piece by the time we get to module 6 - Your Marketing Plan. Your mission, vision and value statements are key pieces to your strategic marketing plan.

You and Your Company

This will serve as the first section of your business plan.

Download the workbook below, read through and watch the video by Simon Sinek.

His message will reinforce the values exercise and you may want to spend more time working through the first exercise.

Print off the pdf if you like, or open a word document to write your answers to the questions inside your module. You can reference the student sample in the Resource Library below.

Download your workbook under resource library in the column the right.

If you are new to business and deciding on your company structure, check out the Resource Library below for information on choosing a company structure. This is a short guide with general explanations of a sole proprietorship, incorporation and partnerships. This will give you an indication of what they are and I encourage you to discuss this with your accountant or corporate lawyer. They can help set up your incorporation if you are considering that route.




Download Module Two Workbook

Choosing a Company Structure

Sample Business Plan Section

Student sample is from a full length business plan and provided with permission from the student.

Note: If you are seeking funding for your business, ask your lender whether they want a one page plan or a traditional business plan.

The process to develop either a full length plan or one page plan is the same.

Remember, the greatest benefit of planning is in the process, the final printed product is up to you.

You will be given a One Page Business Plan template in Module 11.